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"Adventure becomes more meaningful when it
contributes to the
preservation of our world." 



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Catalogue: Time for Sustainable Travel

Welcome to Perma Social Club, the first sustainable and permaculture Destination Management Company in France.


Focused on southern France, the agency offers trips and experiences that will bring meaning to your holidays and activities. You will support our local farmers and tourism professionals who share and care for people and nature.

For further information and download our latest catalogue especially made for you at Rendez-Vous en France, click on the catalogue.

Press kit

Here is a document that will tell you more about Perma Social Club...

What is this out-of-the-box DMC all about?

How did this business come to life?

Who is Alice, the founder?

What kind of products and where?

To find all the answers and even more, click on the press kit.

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